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Due To Virus

Due To Virus All Things Will Remain Closed Till 15 Days

Due to virus, all things will remain closed till 15 days. If the virus attendants are not reduced. Maybe everything is open only after summer vacations.  Children will have a lot of study loss. Education slogans will face a lot of problems.

This Population Reader is increasing day by day. OK Business Bagras are coming down If we keep going like this, then we will have to face many difficulties. Will also liberate the life to come. We should take safety every step.

Due To Virus All Things Will Remain Closed Till 15 Days

Do not face any kind of problems It is better to face small difficulties than to keep ourselves away from these difficulties. If we keep something away at night, then we will not have to face them and Amit Pur will spend school life.

There are many things that we want to do in life but we cannot do Is instead behind Is this how we control ourselves and our children during this difficult time. We also did not control the children themselves, we can be a victim of you very difficult.

Adviser that you take care of your children and elders very much Affecting children a lot. The lives of children and many adults have also been lost due to this Virus. This is the reason for the virus attack on children and adults.

Custom is a lot of Mosme and very sad Devotional video hd effect quickly. Movies want us to take care of our elders and children very much Minor. Mistake disease can kill children. Ghosi has gone and we must keep our own safety to protect the soldiers nearby.

Only then will we be able to stay alive In difficult times, each one is lying on his own, no one cares about anyone We should not be far behind

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