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Karachi People Within The Metropolis Continued To Face A Significant

Karachi people within the metropolis continued to face a significant shortage of varied sorts of flour, especially the branded ones, as shopkeepers were either refusing them on the pretext of not having the commodity or demanding the costs of their own, it emerged on Sunday.

Wheat flour has emerged together of the foremost sought-after essential items after rice, pulses, sugar, ghee/cooking oil, tea, milk, etc, since affluent consumers have gone wild to compile flour stocks in sight of reports of a lockdown thanks to coronavirus.

Karachi People Within The Metropolis Continued To Face A Significant

However, retailers said many affluent people held the flour stocks at their homes which will last till Eidul Fitr.

Both millers and retailers are now happy in selling flour in huge quantities at a time when flour demand usually subsides at the beginning of the summer season.

It is unfortunate for several consumers to shop for costly flour despite the very fact that mills had enough stocks and therefore the Sindh crop had also arrived.

The provincial and therefore the city governments had thus far did not take any notice of the rising flour prices.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the five and 10 kilograms bag of Ashrafi and Bake Parlour brands were easily available at Rs 270-280 and Rs 540-550, respectively.

But, the retail prices of the 2 items had reached to Rs310-350 and Rs 600-650, respectively.

The new Sindh wheat is out there within the open market at Rs4,100 per 100 kg, showing a jump of Rs300-400 per bag within the last one week.

Call to prevent panic buying

A member of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (Sindh Zone) said mills were grinding new wheat day and night but they might not deal with the large demand of buyers as every mill had a selected production capacity.

A family, whose flour requirement is 10-20 kg per month, has removed 40-60 kg which is enough for next three months,” he said urging consumers to not enjoys panic buying. Mills with a niche of 1 week, blaming many millers for deliberately squeezing supplies within the markets.

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