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Coronavirus Pandemic

London At The Epicenter of The Coronavirus Pandemic

London at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic, European governments are taking increasingly drastic measures to undertake to scale back spiraling deaths while others begged disobedient members of the general public to follow self-isolation guidelines.

In the uk , pressure mounted on the govt to impose an equivalent strict rules because it s European neighbors as it became clear many of us were simply ignoring government advice to avoid social contact.

London At The Epicenter of The Coronavirus Pandemic

“We need UK LOCKDOWN TODAY. If we roll in the hay today we may limit damage to be ‘only’ as bad as Italy, which is suffering terribly,” Tim Colbourn, an professor in global health epidemiology at University College London, said during a tweet. “Every subsequent day of delay means more deaths here than in Italy in fortnight time,” he added. “We’re tracking Italy deaths from 14 days ago but have less ICU capacity.” A billboard in Naples, Italy, on Sunday highlights the measures taken by the govt to fight the coronavirus.Carlo Hermann / AFP – Getty Images.

On Sunday, the Italian government banned all internal movement inside the country and pack up nonessential industries. The number of daily deaths in Italy was slightly down from Saturday’s all-time high of 793, though experts cautioned on drawing an excessive amount of hope from a small drop across one day. Meanwhile, France and Spain have introduced increasingly severe measures as their cases and deaths continued to rise quickly. Download the NBC News app for up to date updates on the coronavirus outbreak.


And even in Germany, which has gained attention for its relatively low death rate, the govt banned gatherings of quite two people. Meanwhile the country’s leader, Angela Merkel, quarantined herself after one among her doctors tested positive. Shutting down about essential services and travel leaves these governments with increasingly few levers to tug when trying to contain the virus. Some experts means that these measures could rather be working but there could also be a lag time for them to possess an impact . That’s because people that contracted the virus as long as fortnight ago may only be getting seriously ill now.

Nevertheless, a standard theme is that without strict government enforcement, people in some countries are continuing to ignore official advice. Many people in Italy didn’t take the outbreak seriously in its early stages until it had been too late. Now, people therein country are warning the remainder of the planet to not make an equivalent mistake. Only on Friday did it tell all pubs, restaurants and other public spaces to shut.

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