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Sindh Government Implementation of A Province Wide Lockdown

Sindh Government Implementation of A Province Wide Lockdown: Provinces to require decision on implementation of lockdown, Firdous Special Assistant to PM on Information Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the centre doesn’t accept as true with the Sindh government’s implementation of a province-wide lockdown while adding that, within the centre’s interpretation, a lockdown means utilizing the services of enforcement agencies to make sure people stay in their homes.

Sindh Government Implementation of A Province Wide Lockdown

The SAPM, addressing a news conference , said that varying opinions have emerged over the matter of locking down and its implementation. She said that consistent with a summary forwarded to the prime minister on the difficulty , it had been decided that the choice to implement a lockdown would be the provincial governments’ prerogative. The SAPM said that the provinces can summon the military if the necessity arises, adding that at this point there are civil soldiers personnel deployed at eight airports of the country. She said that a lockdown doesn’t mean a curfew, or using force to make sure people remain at their homes. Awan said that the govt will overcome the difficulty of the coronavirus outbreak with the assistance of the people.

Delivering her message in reference to Pakistan Day, the SAPM said that March 23 may be a day entwined with the concept of solidarity. A day ago, PM Imran Khan had addressed the state with the rising coronavirus tally across Pakistan within the backdrop, which as of Monday has crossed 800 cases. Read more: Pakistan cannot afford to impose a complete lockdown: PM Imran. In his address, the PM said that the govt will steer beyond a country-wide lockdown because it would disproportionately affect the poor. Meanwhile, diverging from the centre’s point of view, the PPP-led Sindh government enacted a province-wide lockdown from March 23, midnight.

A Province Wide Lockdown

Pakistan is struggling to contain the spread of the coronavirus and Sindh remains the worst affected province with quite 350 cases. So far, the country has recorded six deaths.

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