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Coronavirus in Pakistan
Coronavirus in Pakistan

The Confirmed Cases of The Novel Coronavirus in Pakistan Has Risen

The confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan has risen above 700 as of March 22 2020. China has been fighting with Covid-19 since mid-December, 2019 and as of Saint Joseph , the new confirmed cases dropped to 0 within the whole country. The epidemic is in check and our efforts to fight the virus have achieved great success, but immediately China is facing the danger of imported cases.

We are willing to share some experience to stop and control the virus in Pakistan. Leadership and involvement of the government: since the outbreak of Covid-19, the Chinese government has adopted the foremost comprehensive and strictest prevention and control measures under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping at the core, many of which have far exceeded the wants of international health regulations.

The Confirmed Cases of The Novel Coronavirus in Pakistan Has Risen

The most important is that the “Four Early”, which are early detection, early report, early isolation and early treatment. Every citizen in China has obeyed these instructions from the govt and therefore the advice of doctors positively.

Collective participation of all society: when there is a disaster somewhere, people there’ll get help from everywhere across the entire country. China dispatched quite four thousand medical personnel from everywhere the country to help Hubei, which greatly improved the capacity to treat patients who were critically ill. China urgently delivered medical supplies like masks, protective clothing and medicines to the epidemic areas, and ensured the adequate supplies of living materials also. All the residential communities were motivated to require the responsibility to supervise and govern the residents of their own. Numerous community workers and volunteers actively took part within the prevention and control work for the virus.

International cooperation: after the outbreak of Covid-19, the Chinese government kept the planet Health Organization and relevant countries informed of the newest situation of the epidemic in an open, transparent and responsible manner. China has actively skilled the concerns of all parties and strengthened cooperation with the international community.

The Novel Coronavirus

The Chinese doctors identified the pathogen in only every week , and shared the gene sequence of the virus with all the parties in time. China has been developing vaccines with other countries round the world to regulate the epidemic. After the WHO declared the coronavirus as a “pandemic”, China has been working quickly with the relevant countries to jointly affect the pandemic: share and exchange experience to affect Covid-19; send medical teams to those countries and regions in need; provide assistance including medicines and other medical materials for epidemic prevention.

Since the outbreak, Pakistan has been providing strong support to China, that we are deeply grateful and trying hard to ensure the security of each foreigner including Pakistani citizens in China during a responsible manner.

China will share its experience and donate more test kits and materials, and send medical teams to Pakistan, which can strengthen the general public health cooperation between the 2 countries and promote a community of shared future.

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