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Science Seen Life's Journey

The Experience of Science Seen Life’s Journey is Worth

The Experience of science seen Life’s journey is worth it. On the other side Very short Saint can drink life Till date. The experience of increasing life more than science. Mod is the thing that leaves the breath behind.

Be so powerful Man is weak in front of plants. Try as much as a human being does. The secret of death was not able to fast Of course today’s man has reached. The moon Science’s tokens Oljip cannot compete with the technology of death.

The Experience of Science Seen Life’s Journey is Worth

What kind of technology is Modi that gives up all technology again. Even the breath could not tell what happened to the human being after his death. Achieve as much success. Be powerful Give up in the face of death Till date.

No such person is a lie in the world Who tasted death. Death is big and everyone has to come. The more aware we are, the better it is for us. No one knows how long he is alive. About your future life Humans could know the reality about death.

So it can end death Every tech medicine is the condition of every disease. Not everyone has death When she arrives, she kills all human dogs. The reality of death tells us Humans are nothing. If a human has some power and some strength, then only that is.

That he can do things in his life which is relaxed To some extent. Man can not do what he wants to do. What are the forces that control humans Kayanat Sansi Jagraon. Everything Name things is a Sansi Technology Control.

We need that we should give up in the face of nature Should believe that. Taneja has any power to steal Kayanat Shan cannot be God himself. All things of grace are obedient to Allah Ta’ala We should take taslim.

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