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China advised

There May Be Situations Like China In Pakistan China Advised

There may be situations like China in Akistan, China advised, after which date is it possible to hold a big lockdown in the country? The public is ready. Analyst Sami Ibrahim says Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided that. If the assembly breaks down, nobody will leave after April 25. Sami Ibrahim says that agencies did not try to destroy any government in any way.

Even when Nawaz Sharif’s government fell. The PML-N government was formed. Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to have a big lockdown. Chinese authorities met with Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that the Corona virus was spreading faster than China in Pakistan. China has proposed a complete lockdown.

China advised Lockdown has severely affected the economy. Which will have lasting effects. PM Prime Minister Imran Khan said that. The effects of Corona virus have pervaded the world. Lockdown affected Pakistan economy. Factories and businesses were shut down. The effects of lockdown would last long and the situation would get worse.

Imran Khan said that. Corona cases will increase in the coming days. What is limited in Pakistan is safe. If the cases increase, there will be difficulties in treating patients. If people are careful, we will win the war, our strength is the young population, the caution will be that the Corona virus will spread less, only 5% of Corona patients need to be hospitalized.

The Prime Minister said that. For 70 years nothing was done.For health in Pakistan. We did not do as much as we should spend on hospitals. Making kits and masks in the country was not a difficult task. We had to order everything from outside. The habit, which the country can make atom bombs, can also create ventilators. But unfortunately the health sector. Has not been neglected.

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