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Scene in Kashmir
Scene in Kashmir

Whole World Will Only See A Scene in Kashmir Where A Mother

The whole world will only see a scene in Kashmir where a mother. Whose son is killed by the security forces. Appeals to the mourners to be patient. Can a mother really be so courageous? Now mothers lead a procession of their martyred sons. Take them to the cemetery and attend their funerals, despite the curfew. The stone heart waxes as they watch these heart breaking scenes, but the Indian leadership and the UN It has no effect. Finally, the principles of the UN.

Whole World Will Only See A Scene in Kashmir Where A Mother

Where the laws went It’s been 72 years. But the Kashmir problem has not been resolved. And the UN does not want the Kashmir issue to be solved. All laws regarding Muslims are burned like candles. The United Nations is watching on Palestinian barbarism.

The United States has failed to prove that Iraq’s hand in the 9th XI is yet to be determined by the UN. But if you have a ring. What has been happening in Syria for the past two decades is also a slap in the face of humanity. Blood is constantly being shed in Yemen.

Has watered the lush valley. The limit is that Kashmiri Muslims have neither weapons nor ammunition. Kashmir has a mostly Muslim population but is present in the Hindu minority and a small number of Sikhs.

Why is there never a Hindu Kashmir? Why does no Indian Army bullet look like a Hindu Sikh Christian Parsi? After all, with what mouth does India call Kashmir an integral part? When Kashmiris do not want to be with India themselves. What right does India have to forcibly occupy Kashmir? If Kashmir had been an integral part of India. He would not have paid the history of cruelty and brutality on Kashmir.

Kashmir Where A Mother

No brutal man burns his thumb with ashes. If India had sympathy, love or love for Kashmir. It would not rain in Kashmir. Its beauty does not match. It does not shed tears of blood. Kashmir has never and never will be an integral part of India. Kashmir is the only vein of Pakistan and the United States. The United Nations must end Indian domination with Kashmir immediately and address Kashmir. Opinion After all, how long will the innocent Kashmiri remain in the lurch? How long will the Kashmiris end up bleeding? Freedom Movement Kashmir is a story of persistence and sacrifice.

The chain of sacrifices will continue till the entire state becomes a part of Pakistan through the blessing of independence. On the one hand, the Indian government’s August 5, 2019 move eliminated Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution. Narendra Modi did not settle on that, but the citizenship laws in India.

I have changed the ban on the living of Indian Muslims living in India. The world has now found out what Lockdown is like. But Kashmir has been living under the shadow of Lockdown for the last 7 months. The UN should make no progress about Kashmir and without delay because the Kashmir problem is the last. The solution has been in place for 72 years, and if it is too late. The consequences can be dire and the region could go to war.

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